Welcome to the World of Frenchy

Hi Everyone,

So I have been feeling the urge to write a blog about my rowing experiences, thoughts, and generally my life surrounding it. I am sure you will pick up more info about me as I post more but to start off with I am a Senior Mens Lightweight Sculler in Toronto and have recently been involved with coaching a lot of junior athletes.

 To get things rolling I have to comment on one of the painful things I see a lot of in both junior and comp rowing which is TERRIBLE posture. There are so many people, especially kids, that I see slogging down courses in what I like to call the G style. In case you are not as familiar with the world of rowing this is the best way to ruin your back and end up with the worst lower back pain you have ever had. (After my first year of novice rowing I was also a victim of this bad habit)

The thing that scares me the most is that I truly wonder how many coaches or just fans of the sport actually say something to these rowers or go out of their way to help them overcome this and row with a straight back (it’s not an easy habit to break ill admit). I spend countless hours harping on my athletes about it and giving them advice for things they can be doing outside of rowing to help but honestly feel like I am on my own sometimes. The obvious benefit to working on posture is the power benefit to rowers, sitting up tall allows all of the beautiful leg power to be transferred straight through the blades without losing some of this in that damn G!

For those of you out there please make an extra effort to help these poor people out and sit up tall!